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We are the Kornoelje Family!

Lance & Susan

Joe, Abby, Sam, Elise, Ben & Rosemary

Here’s a little bit about us…

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Lance and I met at youth group while we were in high school and then we dated for 4 years.  We got married in 1998 and started the adventure of living life together.  We bought our first house in August of 2000 and were blessed with our first sweet baby, Joe, in 2001.  Our family has been growing ever since and now we are a family of 8!  We have moved once, in 2006, to downtown Zeeland.  We love living in this small, family-oriented city.  Some of the best things about living where we do is that our kids can walk to school (much to their dismay!), we can walk to the library or to get frozen yogurt and that the middle school band marches past our house in the fall and spring when they are practicing for parades.  Ben, Rose and I have listened for the sound of drums many a morning and ran outside to watch Joe march past while playing the tuba.

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Joe is beginning 8th grade and is really growing up (with no end in sight…he’s already taller than both of us!).  He is a fun and friendly guy who loves to play soccer, basketball and hang out with his friends (he is really going to miss them while we are gone this year).  He also really enjoys playing the tuba in band and can often be seen (and heard) practicing the tuba on our front porch.

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Abby is beginning 6th grade and is a very creative young lady.  She loves reading, cooking and writing stories…she’s working on writing a novel right now.  She can be such a great helper, whether it’s with cleaning a bathroom, helping with dinner or entertaining Ben while I finish dinner!

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Sam is beginning 3rd grade and is a very unique young man.  He enjoys building with Legos, having Nerf gun wars and building forts in the backyard.  He is also a gifted salesman…if you have ever bought an over-priced seashell while staying at the beach, it was probably sold to you by Sam!

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Elise is beginning 2nd grade and is a spunky and giggly little girl.  She loves to play pollypockets or dress-up with friends and also loves to read.  I used to sing “You Are My Sunshine” to her when I put her to bed and so it seems fitting that she is a ray of sunshine in our family.

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Ben is 2 years old and sure keeps us on our toes!  He loves to play with trains and anything that has to do with trucks.  If he’s going somewhere he’s probably running!  He can be the cutest little guy alive and also the most infuriating little guy alive, and he sure can make us laugh!

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Rosemary is 6 months old and is such a sweet little baby.  She’s definitely doted on by her 5 older brothers and sisters and it seems like we can’t give her little cheeks enough kisses!  She’s a smiley girl who is enjoying her new talent…rolling all over the place!

Our family is embarking on a grand adventure – leaving behind our house and schools for a year and traveling to all of the lower 48 states.  We leave on June 24, 2015, and will return at the end of July in 2016.  While we are gone we will be homeschooling, or rather, camper-schooling the kids.  We are very excited to explore this great nation and enjoy the beautiful natural wonders that God has made.

We will miss our friends, family, and great neighborhood, but look forward to this opportunity to grow closer together as a family and to see what this year will teach us.

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  1. Met a wonderful family in Olympia. Creating memories. Instilling family core values and unity and Love. Best wishes and hopes along the way. Find treasures. Touch lives. Bond with new friends.
    Michael and Jan-Marie
    Olympia Washington
    New Zealand and Denmark

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